Running on air for 3,000 years.


Society tells us that happiness can be bought. That it exists in gold, on a jet plane or in the worn-out soles of a classic pair of Nike’s.

The truth is, you have most of what you need to be happy right now – the body that holds your fleshy mind and the lungs that give life to breath. What you may not have is the beautifully challenging practice we call meditation. A 3,000-year-old technique, meditation has been adopted by monks and spiritual leaders the world over. You know, the ones who know much and want for little – the ones who smile a lot. 

Ahhhhhh to aha.

Meditation can be used for relaxation. It can be used to calm the mind. But that’s the equivalent of walking our planet with logic alone – you only witness a slither of all it can be. With the right amount of compassion, open-heartedness and discipline, it can improve concentration, emotional intelligence, confidence and overall wellbeing. And with it, the rest of this thing we call life. If we can’t change what we can’t see, think about how long it’s been since you sat with all that is you. The only free will we have is how we spend our lives, so give yourself permission to ‘be,’ through meditation. You might just cultivate the real, unconditional contentment we’ve all been searching for.