It takes a colourful past to live a present life.


Born and raised in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, Manoj Dias is an animated speaker, humble teacher and always a friend. Once tethered to a life of self-management, instead of self-awareness, he now intimately understands what it means to be healed from the inside out. Through mindfulness and meditation, Manoj has helped thousands of people around the world trade mania for pause, so that they may live fearlessly in honour of a happier and more meaningful life.

As the founder of A—SPACE, Australia’s first multidisciplinary meditation studio, he walks this truth en masse with a family of one heart, having regularly taught in New York, Los Angeles and throughout Australia.

Manoj knows that meditation and mindfulness are too vast and wise for any one person to own. So he’s learnt from many of the great spiritual teachers of our time, including Channa Dassanayaka, Dr Miles Neale and Scott Tusa, as well as studying at the Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Science in New York City. He’s married the best of ancient wisdom and contemporary science to bring the power of awareness, compassion and wisdom to organisations such as Netflix, Google and Slack alongside his role as an associate at the Melbourne Business School’s executive leadership program. Manoj has also led mass meditations at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the National Gallery of Victoria. In 2019 Manoj became Australia’s first and only lululemon global ambassador, a role he uses to champion more accessible and inclusive wellness experiences for the under privileged and marginalised.

Always compassionate, forever a student and never one to spoil a good joke—Manoj is a warm, spirited human who connects with beings of every kind.






No matter the attire, the pangs of suffering remain the same. Manoj works with those who wear white collars, blue collars and no collars at all.

Individual sessions are for those who’d like to understand all the layers that make up ‘I’ through a regular and deeper mindfulness practice.