Meditation mentoring can be one of the most beneficial tools for those wanting personal one-on-one instruction and training along a meditative path. Mentoring can help dismantle blockages in a mentee’s personal and professional life, and assist in cultivating greater self-awareness, compassion and clarity of the mind and heart. Over time, and with consistent practice, meditation becomes a path for living life with a greater sense of purpose and freedom.

Because consistency is key, sessions are provided bi-weekly and monthly for optimal integration into your daily life.

How it works:

First, book a complimentary 20-minute discovery session with Manoj to assess fit.

  • Sessions are then conducted over Skype, Zoom or phone for 45 minutes.

  • An initial 2-month commitment is recommended.

Who may benefit:

Meditation and mindfulness look a bit different for everyone. During your free 20-minute discovery session, Manoj will talk through your experience, work with you to identify your goals and assess fit.

Note: Mentoring is currently full at present moment. Please sign-up to the newsletter to be updated on availabilities.